5 Salt Lake Instagram Design Accounts for Endless Inspiration

Instagram has become a hub for talented and creative individuals who offer their unique and fresh concepts when it comes to revamping living spaces. The app opens a world where design flourishes in unexpected corners. While nationally-acclaimed interior designers certainly contributed their artistic touch, the realm of inspiration extends far beyond.

This platform bursts with creativity from renowned designers and design studios in Salt Lake, presenting a variety of styles incorporating timeless decors and the latest trends. I’ve curated 5 Instagram design accounts to ignite your passion and awaken your artistic senses. So, without further ado, let’s dive into who made the list!

#1 Anne-Marie Barton | @annemariebarton

Anne-Marie Barton is known for her refined designs and timeless elegance. With a portfolio spanning prestigious commercial spaces and luxurious residences, her work exudes class and sophistication. Her IG page is a true reflection of her design philosophy, a seamless blend of contemporary and traditional elements.

Her keen eye for detail is shown in how she skillfully weaves color palettes, textures, and furnishings. Integrating the latest trends in her designs display balance and restraint while still maintaining the integrity of her classic style.

The vertical reeded stone slab is the texture that this bathroom vanity needs. The plaster texture is perfect and balance is found in the simplicity of the wall-mount faucet, scones, and the integrated sink. 

Modern aesthetics and bold patterns are also some of the latest trends this year. This family room features textured mantles and furniture paired with muted beige and brown tones, creating a calming yet elegant atmosphere. The rug adds depth and the pillow’s bold patterns complement the clean lines and aesthetic of the room.

If you’re a fan of a neutral color palette, layering different textures, and mixing old and new pieces, you should check out Anne-Marie Barton’s Instagram page.

#2 W Design Collective | @wdesigncollective

W Designs Collective’s Instagram page features a diverse range of projects, from minimalist and modern to eclectic and traditional. With a team of visionary designers, their Instagram page is a playground of inspiration, where bold patterns meet sleek lines and unexpected textures.

This powder room is a great example of their creativity. The small space is packed with a lot of fun details. From the stunning wallpaper and tortoise shell mirror to the floating sink and gold faucet, the room shows a timeless and luxurious look that will never go out of style.

On this library design from their recent Oak Hill Drive project, I adore how they brilliantly display the art and objects in a way that feels clean yet collected. And of course, who doesn’t love baskets for extra storage?

They also post very helpful design tips and recommendations, so be sure to check them out.

#3 Sarah Gibson | @roomfortuesday

Sarah Gibson is an inspiring interior designer and a small business shop owner that shares their design journey on her Instagram. Her self-described aesthetic is modern, curated, and eclectic. She loves thrifting and is constantly on the hunt for unique decors.

One of the first things you’ll see when you walk inside her home is this stunning built-in. I love how she’s not afraid to use colors and marble stone for the fireplace.

In one of her recent posts, she shares updates on the budget-friendly makeover of their basement bedroom. The heavy drapery provides a soft texture. On top of that, the cherry wood bed and nightstands add the right amount of warmth to the bedroom.

If you’re decorating on a budget you should definitely check her page out. She also posts Amazon finds, Facebook marketplace finds, step-by-step DIY guides, clever hacks, and more. Check out her shop, Tuesday Made, for more design inspiration and timeless home decor.

#4 Hamilton Park Interiors | @hamiltonparkinteriors

As a premier interior design consultant specialist, Hamilton Park Interiors’ designs are a symphony of contemporary twists and traditional elements, creating spaces that are both relevant and timeless. Their IG page shows luxurious styles that still exude a sense of inviting warmth and classic comfort.

I love how this room looks harmonious, cohesive, and sophisticated. The curves of the coffee table bring an organic and natural element and add visual interest and softness to the space. The rich and warm tones paired with neutral colors create a sense of warmth and a cozy vibe.

Fluted panels are one of the most popular design trends this year. This office space perfectly shows how it adds visual interest and texture to the room. This room looks sleek, modern, and stylish but still very comfortable and functional.

Their Instagram page is definitely a visual feast of the latest design trends, cozy furnishings, rich textures, and carefully curated accessories. Don’t forget to check out their stories for tips and recommendations.

#5 House of Jade | @houseofjadeinteriors

Timeless and clean aesthetics with a mix of traditional and modern elements are what you can expect from House of Jade’s IG page. The color palettes are often neutral with pops of texture and color.

This basement bathroom design is both bold and timeless. It’s brilliant how they add a little fun and a “heritage” aesthetic. The mixing of metals and the marble countertop adds so much visual interest to this small space.

One of their recent projects features an eclectic and historic style. The color and pattern play in this living room keeps the space feel interesting and welcoming. Their design team also did a fabulous job designing this gallery wall by adding trim work on the bottom half and wall sconces which adds height and visual space up top.

Check out their page if you’re interested in incorporating the latest trends, bold statement walls, geometric patterns, and eclectic mix-and-match styles. Their ability to juxtapose seemingly disparate elements in a visually pleasing and cohesive manner is truly inspiring.

I hope you find inspiration in these brilliant design accounts on Instagram! Feel free to share your account recommendations – I’m always eager to explore and share the latest design gems with our community. Don’t forget to check out their stories for more design inspirations and recommendations.

Instagram: instagram.com/allcutedetails/

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