The Most Follow-Worthy Salt Lake City Interior Design Instagram Accounts

You’re probably spending a lot of time on social media because you’re stuck at home during the quarantine. Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge! While you’re at it, you might want to check out these interior design Instagram accounts in Salt Lake City! Whether you want to see home styling inspiration or you just want to pass time, these accounts are sure to indulge you with great content. Ready to scroll through pages after pages of amazing photos? Take a look at our favorite accounts below!

Alice Lane Interior Design


Alice Lane Interior Design is a Salt Lake City-based firm catering to clients nationwide. This highly successful firm has been featured in multiple publications, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Traditional Home to name a few.

Some of their claims to fame are their closet projects. They say closets shouldn’t just be a place to hang clothes but a space to showcase one’s favorite pieces. It is a reflection of one’s personality, that’s why they add elements to highlight their client’s style.

In this project, they added reflective metallic paper to emphasize the beauty of the clothes. They strive to make every single closet space luxe no matter the size. Alice Lane even designed the walk-in closet of Queer Eye’s Tan France! How impressive is that?

A scroll through their Instagram doesn’t only offer photos of their exquisite projects, but also design strategies they use for every project. They write tips like adding lived-in elements to your space, upgrading your style with simple fixes, and mixing materials to introduce textures. They are kind enough to offer a crash course on interior design via their posts’ captions. You can also listen to their Dear Alice podcast on Apple, Google, and Spotify.



SimplySam Organize+Design is a top-rated Professional Organizer, Interior Designer, and Remodeling Team in Salt Lake City. Their Instagram account highlights their organizing projects—from photos of well-organized refrigerators to neatly stacked pantries. They incorporate materials such as wood, rattan, and glass, but our favorite ones are their clear acrylic projects. They also share some before and after photos, so you can see what difference their organizing projects make. Trust us when we say it’s really satisfying!

It’s also amazing to see their bigger projects which can’t be dealt with by organizers alone. The glow up in this laundry room remodel is night and day! The addition of storage space makes everything look 100% neater. Doing the laundry just got more exciting!

If you want even more content, they also run a blog where they share organizing tips, design advice, and product recommendations. They list down anything from their favorite pillows to use to their couch recommendations from different price points. It’s practically a free consultation.

Denton House Design Studio


If you want to follow an account that focuses on design elements, check out Denton House. They feature project specifics in their posts from the colors they choose to the pieces they use. It’s a more in-depth look at their design process.

In one post, they talk about the serenity a Himalayan salt wall brings when the sunlight shines through it. It is both dreamy and functional. In many other posts, they talk about how a color story greatly affects the mood of the room. Combining the colors green and blue brings tranquility that’s perfect to use in the bedroom. Adding colored furniture and loud art pieces to an all-white kitchen brings in personality and sophistication to an otherwise simplistic dining area. Their account is like Design School 101!

Denton House specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects so their posts aren’t short on elegant elements. They have hotel and beach club clients and you can see how well they tie-in the space with the surrounding view. Every single project looks stunning.

Ivy Interiors


If you enjoy muted tones, check out Ivy Interiors page. Their account features more neutral projects that exhibit class and elegance. You’d be mistaken if you think their designs are boring because they know how to throw in elements that perfectly tie in everything together.

Since things are on the neutral side, they throw in prints and patterns to add more eye-catching elements. They add patterned pillows, throws, and even couches. They’re also not afraid to mix in pops of colors here and there. They throw in gorgeous styling pieces like two-toned vases, metal trays, and unique lamps.

Wood is a common element on many of their projects and they are quite the masters at it. The way they meld hardwood floors and wooden furniture together is amazing. They also mix in different wood styling pieces like rattan for added texture. The beauty of their projects relies on simplicity.

You can even create your own design plan via their website. Click here to try it out!

The Fox Group


If you have a penchant for vintage and timeless home designs, then you’ll love the work of The Fox Group! Their Instagram account features their projects specializing in classic design, millwork, and wainscoting.

Many of their designs feature wallpapers that help set their style apart. They incorporate quaint prints such as plaid, floral, and vintage patterns. They have this magic to combine various visual interests and make them look cohesive and pleasing to the eye! Pattern on pattern? Say no more! They are practically experts in this field.

One of their signature styles is to blend marble, gold, and wallpaper. They have multiple posts like it throughout their account and every variation just looks so good!  As they say, they love to induce personality on every single project they work on. They even use checkerboard tiling for some homes.

Their designs look like blasts from the past with touches of fresh elements. The details they use may be old but The Fox Group can make these details appear current and updated.

Studio McGee


Studio McGee is one of the biggest design studios in Utah. They have over 1.3 million followers on Instagram where they share their Instagram-worthy projects. They don’t shy away from sharing the nitty-gritty details of their work, and it’s nice to learn tips and tricks just from scrolling through their beautiful feed. They also write about their work on their blog.

They acknowledge that social media is one of the building blocks of their success that’s why they have a wide array of projects to look at. You can see works like their custom cabinet builds and their use of products from their own furnishings and homeware brand McGee & Co.

Aside from photos, they have many IGTV episodes where they feature the projects they are currently working on and styling tips. They even share details of their own home in The McGee Home Series! It’s fun to see how their builds happen from start to finish.

Out of all the accounts mentioned, you’ll probably get the most amount of valuable information from the McGees. It’s a great way to learn new things you can apply to your next home.

We hope you enjoyed looking at these interesting interior design accounts on Instagram! If you have more account recommendations, just comment them down below.

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